Monday, 12 August 2013


Heya Guys, thought I would do a little blog post about eyeliner (random I know)

This is My main types of Eyeliner although I do Have others. Back: Boujour Liner clubbing (liquid)
                                                                                                   Side: Collection Gel Eyeliner
                                                                                                   Front: Topshop Kohl Eyeliners.

This is my Favourite Liquid eyeliner and is super easy to use once you get used to it. It's very pigmented and drys quite quickly. I use this everyday. RRP £6.99

These are typical Pencil Eyeliners. I usually use them in my waterline and they have great stay power. I wouldn't use them on my upper lash line because the pigment comes off onto my eyelid. RRP £4 each

This is  a gel eyeliner (sorry the swatch is pretty rubbish). I don't really like this type of eyeliner. That's because you have to use a brush which can be fiddly and it tends to smudge, and end up on my eyelid.

SO yea guys this was a completely random Blog Post and hope you enjoyed it ;)

Love you guys Mwah <3


  1. Nice post! I wanna try out some eyeliners from topshop.

    -Megan x

  2. The Bourjouis liquid eyeliner is the same one i have and it is amazing. My favourite mascara is a loreal one that one is solo great. I've only tried the TopShop nail polishes but i will be branching out into other products like the lipsticks and eyeliner's as i've heard such great things. Great post. xoxo