Thursday, 22 August 2013

25 Facts about me~Mainly about youtube

 1) My Names Lauren
2) I live with my mum and dad
3)I have had pet guinea pigs since I was 5
4)I bought a ring and wear it pretty much everyday because it reminds me of the one Marcus wears
6)If your tall wear skinny jeans and have quaffed brown hair I will probally find you attractive. mmn basically just decribed Marcus ;p
7)Smelling nice makes a person 100% more attractive
8) if I counted how many times a day I quote youtubers I would probally scare myself
9)TOE is my OTP (tyler+Joe)
10)WHen ZOella Tweeted me I cried
11)I watch old youtube videos when im sad
12)If I like a song I will replay it until I hate it
13)I read way too much fanfic way too often
14)I have watched youtube videos for 2 years
15)I love Alfie and Marcus to pieces but they both have amazing gorgeous girlfriends
16)I can quote many youtube videos word to word
17)I wish Tyler Oakley was my bestfriend
18)I live in the same city as Tanya and Jim (but I still haven't met them ;()
19)If a new video is coming out I will refresh the page until it breaks down
20)If someone is mean to a youtuber I watch I get very over protective
21)Everytime Alfie is with Darcy it Melts my heart a bit
22)I panick about the small things and overthink a lot
23)If I don't buy something instantly I wont buy it at all
24)My dream is to meet all my Favourite youtubers and stay in touch (yeah never going to happen)
25)Once i'm on tumblr you wont get me off

Thanks for reading guys. I tried to film this but it didn't go well <3

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